Friday, July 30, 2004

Major Offense
I burnt the carrots the other night. It seems that, in the Duchy, this should be tantamount to high treason.

Actually it is merely a symptom of a deeper problem, namely: my lack of a mid-sized saucepan with a lid that fits. Instead I use a very small saucepan and balance a plate over the top, which stops the steam from escaping only to condense it and run it down the edges of the plate and all over the stove, while the pot rapidly boils dry. (Note to self: try putting the plate on right side up instead of upside down, so it doesn't curve down.)

One of these days I'll get a proper set of pans, and work out more storage space in the kitchen, and install a reverse osmosis water system, and solve all the hundred and one other minor difficulties that keep the house from running as smoothly as I would like. And the Ducklings will grow up thinking that is just the way things are and not until they marry will they discover what a long and arduous process setting up housekeeping is.

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