Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Online Identities
We have been referring to Abbey by her real live name long enough. Obviously if DOB and I have online identies (actually a whole host of them, but only one each for purposes of this blog), she should, too.

The question is, what? I am inclined toward picking a title that can apply to all future offspring, with the addition of a number. Two ideas that come to mind:

Hobbit (H1, H2, etc.): She's short, cute, and likes to eat six meals a day (and two a night). She also has big feet, but they are not hairy.

Duckling (D1, D2, etc.): It just seems logical to me that the inhabitant of a duchy should be a duckling.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

For how long do you wish such an identity to last? Ducklings are small, and grow up fast. Will you rename them Ducks when they get bigger? Or Drakes? It seems to me that they will remain hobbit size much longer, but they will, we hope, pass that height limit too.

I guess I'd pick Hobbits if these were my choices. But I will try to think of additional alternatives (in my spare thinking time which is a bit sparce recently).


Anonymous said...

I suggest PR1, PR2, etc. P is for Princess or Prince.
The R will change for the Princess but that is a few years away.

Of course PR could be Press Release.

DOB's Dad