Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's Been Awhile

In fact, there's a big hole in our files where pictures from the last few months should be. Some things are better not documented. But I finally took some pictures today.

D2 is holding his new best friend, Puppy. (Puppy has been on the blog before during an identity crisis.) DOB decided to permanently bequeath Puppy to D2, and great has been his happiness since then. But Puppy has, alas, gotten a bit dingier. D2 is also wearing that 3T shirt (with fire engines!) I found in the attic yesterday. It's time to move him up. Fortunately he has enough 3T shirts to last out the winter.

D1 is holding her doll. The dress I made this morning (you would not be impressed if you could inspect the stitching) in an effort to give her something D1 could put on by herself. In this picture you probably can't see how well it coordinates with the ink scribbled on her chin.

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