Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Identity Crisis

Last weekend DOB and I took advantage of a few hours with half of our children gone to do adult activities, i.e., unpacking boxes with lots of papers. A few other boxes were in the mix, in one of which DOB found his old friend, Puppy.

"I hope you'll forgive us," I said, "A few weeks ago D1 and I had him act as a sheep."

DOB stared at the animal with a growing expression of confusion and distress. "He does look like a sheep. But he's always been a puppy!"

Off and on, for several days now, DOB and Puppy have been troubled by this question. Is he a puppy? Or a sheep? He says it's like D2 finding out that he might be a horse instead of a little boy.

I don't really know. I say we could just say he's a sheep dog and be done with it, but DOB and Puppy say they need a more definitive answer. Should he bark or bleat? Eat bones or grass? Difficult, indeed.



Devona said...

Puppy. All the stuffed sheep around these parts are either white with black faces, or black with white faces. Not ALL sheep are that way, but apparently all stuffed sheep are.

Anonymous said...

My 4yo just wandered up, pointed (unasked)to the picture and called it a puppy. Hope this helps!

SK: ) said...

At the risk of sounding like a 4yo, before reading the post, I, too, (mentally) pointed and said "puppy."

Rachel's Jeremy said...


Sample to compare:


Carrie said...

Definitely puppy.

Anonymous said...

I must verify that the furry little creature is and always has been a puppy. He even tried to bite me once.

However, he is quite a good actor and will agree to pose as a sheep or any other animal. He is at D1's command and will pretent to be whatever she likes him to be.


Devona said...

I change my answer to "well trained puppy." Grandpas know best.

Anonymous said...

Fun, that 's exactly the same problem Lotta in the books by Astrid Lindgren has.
She is always quabbbling with her siblings about whether her stuffed animal is a bear or a pig.
Highly recommend the Lotta books .
Highly recommend all Astrid Lindgren books!

Sarah M. said...

Definitely a puppy! His fur isn't curly like sheep fur. All little stuffed sheep I've seen have differnt ears and curly fur.

Anonymous said...

No matter what it is, it should stay puppy! :) I say that because I have an adorable white bunny (that we were told by the shopowner is actually a puppy!). Ha ha ha!! My husband even says it looks like a bunny & should be a bunny! :) So we call it a bunny, with a grin. :)