Tuesday, May 30, 2006


We returned from our biannual pilgrimage to DOB's grandfather's home yesterday and so far no one has broken out in poison ivy, ticks, sunburn, or chiggers, so I think we survived unscathed.

D2 spent much of his time trying to pull hair out of the cat. Fortunately the cat was a tolerant one. I don't think I would have the nerve to have an animal with small children.

DOB's aunt offered to bring out some of her granddaughter's toys for the ducklings to play with. I thought, "They have only a few hours to play in real, live woods--don't bring out anything plastic to distract them!" We instead took our regular pilgrimage down to throw rocks in the creek.

D2 would also like us to note that he cut his first tooth and sat himself up for the first time on Sunday. He cut his second one at some disputed time between then and this evening. Sometime in the past week, he also figured out how to make rude noises by blowing into skin. Since his own arm is rather small, he usually uses my arm or leg or foot. Being a little boy, he thinks this quite hilarious.

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