Wednesday, February 27, 2008

And All That

Were you expecting this? Sort of. The extreme morning sickness did make it seem like something was weird. But I really haven't had a lot of appetite or grown that much yet. (Maybe I'm just subconsciously comparing myself to my last pregnancy, when I was eating for three and one of them was almost a year old.) DOB had a vivid dream last weekend in which I called him and told him we were having twins. On the whole, though, twins are like the Spanish Inquisition.

Anyway, despite my so far non-hugeness, the babies are both a good, healthy size (a pound each at 21 weeks). No doubt hugeness is shortly to ensue.

Do twins run in your family? Not as fast as insanity does.

How did you tell DOB? He can tell that for himself on his own blog. (Where he promises to rant about traffic on a regular basis. Really. He does.)

Were you taking fertility drugs?
HAHAHAHAHAHA. We're also starting a company marketing blond hair dye in Sweden.

Are you excited? Indeed yes. I think DOB is looking at it as a strong return on investment. Me, I like to do things that cause other people to shake their heads. Four kids four and under ought to do it.

How are you going to survive? OK, maybe you all aren't asking that question, but I am asking that question. Suddenly all the things that were very simple with one baby are immensely more complicated, from car arrangements (you just can't fit four car seats in a sedan) to sleeping arrangements (where can we put two bassinets in our bedroom?). Then again, this assumes that we will actually be sleeping or going anywhere.

The number one key to surviving with twins, or so I read, is to be ORGANIZED. If moving twice in the same year with two children under two was not enough to get me organized, I doubt twins are going to do it. Organization and my brain are like oil and vinegar: with a lot of effort you can make a tasty complement to life, but let them alone for any length of time and they will separate again. Fortunately the other keys are keeping a sense of humor, accepting help, and lowering expectations. Those I'm better at.

And one other note: Baby B is definitely a boy, but they're only about 80% sure Baby A is a girl. So we shall have to wait to be sure. One of each would be my preference, since I have more experience with boy/girl pairs and since that would make the clothes situation simple, at least. However two little boys would be fine, too.


Carrie said...

Actually, I WAS wondering how you were going to survive. =D So thanks for answering all the questions.

That's all still pretty awesome but, yes, I guess y'all have a lot to prepare for!

Sarah Mehrens said...

WoW! That's awesome news... and yet... wow... I'll be praying for you -- all six of you. :) One of the great things about twins is that you can have two kids with one labor/pregnancy. LOL

Congrats! Oh and I vote D3 and D4:)

the Joneses said...

I just zipped by for quick catch-up, and Darren and I are staring at the screen with our mouths open. Twins. Four children. Wow. Congratulations and sympathy all rolled up into one! We wish we could send you a part-time nanny to guarantee you some sleep and rest in a few months. Only, if we found one I, um, might keep her for myself.

Definitely D3 and D4. Two D3s are too confusing.

-- SJ

(The word verification this time is "sympa." Even Blogger feels for you.)

Rose said...

Wow! I leave your blog alone for a day, and see what transpires! This is amazing news, and I'm so thrilled, happy, excited, and sympathetic for you! I love your Q&As, especially the part about the blond hair dye in Sweden. Oh, and the reference to the Spanish Inquisition. I got it, I got it!! Well, if you need any blood glucose monitors, I have plenty to share. =)

Eric and Wendy said...

On the other hand, organized and efficient are similar in meaning and two babies in one pregnancy is very efficient!

Anonymous said...

SO thrilled for you! We haven't met but we have a similiar circle that overlaps nicely :) Sarah Mehrens, Jones fam, Rose, Leah, Amy & Kev -- all intimate friends of ours!
My dh's comment on all the next pregnancies following the twins was, "wouldn't this be cool to have twins AGAIN??" Nine months is truly a short time in your life. This too shall pass and then you get two sweet babies! How cool is that?? You are blessed, my new friend!!
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