Friday, February 22, 2008

What's Wrong With the World

Or at least with the weather around here . . .

I've been feeling guilty that I have yet to take the ducklings out to play in the snow this winter. (Not that I am without excuse.) DOB did once--before the foot injury--but other than that they've been stuck inside until the mud reappears.

But the problem is, about 75% of the time when we have snow around here, it's immediately followed by sleet. I thought I would take the ducklings out this morning, but when I opened the door to check on conditions, I noticed the several inches of snow were topped by an inch or so of lumpy ice. Not good for much except a game of fall-down-and-bonk-your-head.

Where I grew up, it didn't snow very often, but when it did it was soft and fluffy and it stayed snow until it melted. None of this ice nonsense. You actually could play in it.

Guess we'll pull out that book of rainy-day activities instead.

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