Friday, February 29, 2008

The Ducklings Respond

Maybe they do have some stereotypical gender differences after all:

DOB: And so we found out that there are TWO babies in Mama's tummy. And we will have to get a new car to fit all of us.
D1: Then one of the babies can be mine!
D2: We're getting a new car!

I don't think I like this:

D1 has been paying close attention to some books I've been reading lately on neonatal development. Or at least to the pictures. So this morning I went in to tell them breakfast was ready and found they had emptied out the block bin and filled it with blankets. That was not surprising; it's what they always do with their toy bins. Toys are merely awkward fillers for those cool bins. But I was put off by the explanation.

D1: I had a baby in my tummy and D2 had a baby in his tummy and the babies came out too soon and so we had to put them in the bin and cover them up with blankets.

Do I really want my preschoolers to be running a NICU?


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Congratulations on the surprise! Wow...

As per your two oldest, lol!

Prayers that their imaginations never meet with the reality and that your pregnancy may carry to term. Too many of my collective family members have experienced the NICU.

Rebecca said...

That's awesome! The story, that is, not the idea of NICU.

Devona said...

Twins!?! Wow! I wish I loved nearer and could give you a hand.

the Joneses said...

I've been laughing about the Ds' reactions all morning.

-- SJ