Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Snow Day

It's snowing today. Big, fluffy, piling-up kind of snow. School-closure kind of snow. Snowman and snowball kind of snow.

Unfortunately, the ducklings are not here. They are still at Grandma's house (where they go every week for two nights and a day to give us a chance to rest) and will not return until the roads are clearer.

It's very quiet. And lonely. I should do some noble (but non-strenuous!) project while they are gone.

Like filing. Wondergirl has introduced me to the idea of Freedom Filing, which supposedly makes it effortless to keep files up-to-date and purged. I don't think effortless and filing are concepts that can co-exist in the world, but it does look easier to maintain than our current system. Which I almost had updated. Or almost ready to update. Or something. Bother.

Maybe I should go do the dishes instead. Yes. Surely dishes are more urgent.

Nothing like filing to make any other job seem more fun.

8:50 Update: Well, that didn't take very long. Surely I should do exercises before anything else, though.

9:20 Update: Time for a rest now. Mustn't overexert.

9:55 Update: These thank-you notes have been overdue for a long time . . .

10:10 Update: Have you ever seen JigZone?

10:18 Update: Where did the #$*&% file tabs go? Should I get out this 3T fire engine shirt for D2? Why can I never get this attic organized?

10:20 Update: Oh. Here they are. In plain sight.

10:50 Update: Pretty folders! Now to put something in them. Definitely need a jazzier music selection for this part.

12:25 Update: Wow, that was almost easy. Roads are clear and kids are on their way; I still have to come up with lunch and it would be SO fun to get these receipts done, too. Check out my own snazzy invention for keeping the files easily at hand while sorting through the pile:


Steve said...


And where should we house the miles of folder racks that the Freedom Filer takes up? The paperless house, like the paperless office, is a cruel myth, holding out the promise of a clutter-free system while simultaneously burying us in a sea of that which is to be removed.

I'm sure I have a note on that somewhere around here . . .

Carrie said...

Having a grandmother around like that sounds like a wonderful blessing. At the same time, I'd be lonely too. It's not fun to play in the snow by yourself.

Havign recently been struck down by an annoying cold I was dreaming of having someone close by who would be willing to take Joshua for a few days while I recover. There's just nothign like being sick when you are a mommy. And I say this to you. bleh. =)

Anyway, enjoy your rest and momentary freedom. Hope you find something profitable AND enjoyable to do.