Monday, March 20, 2006

The state of things today

One thing I really didn't realize about babies and toddlers is how constant the state of change is. If they're not teething, trying out a new skill, or discovering a new activity that you hadn't yet thought of forbidding, then . . . they're asleep. For a few minutes.

D1 is speaking in nearly-complete sentences now, and she loves to rehearse them over and over. "Mama under cave . . . baby under cave . . . bear under cave . . . D1 under cave . . . D2 under cave." She tries to recite things, like "Pattycake," and to change her baby's diaper. (I'm slowly overcoming my dislike of dolls.) She has a firmer grasp on household routines than I do.

No sooner had D2 figured out rolling in both directions than he started being frustrated by his inability to crawl. I try to reassure him that he will get it eventually and that some things he has to work out for himself, but it still bothers him. He's starting to make little speeches of his own, "Awwattapootta," in addition to the ever-popular raspberries.

I'm just trying to get the piles of boxes cleaned out of the way before he gets to them.

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