Thursday, March 30, 2006

Performance Review

Mama and Papa,

You've been working as my parents for six months now, and I think it's time we sat down and looked at how things are going. On the whole, I think you're doing a good job, and I'll be pleased to keep you on in the current position for the indefinite future.

Some areas in which you are doing well:

The food. I really appreciate this new "food in a bowl" concept. The milk is great, but creativity is much appreciated. Keep it coming.

The entertainment. Giving me an older sister was a stroke of genius. She's always doing something worth watching, and bringing me fun things to play with. I love these headbands she keeps leaving on the floor! Great for chewing. Plus, you guys can be pretty hilarious, too.

Here are some areas I'd like to see some improvement:

Response time. I know you're busy, but when I'm having problems, I need help now! You need to remember what your top priority is.

Diaper changes. We really need to see some more consistency and frequency here.

Naps. You need to remember that just because you need a nap, doesn't mean I need a nap.

Once again, I really appreciate all you're doing here. Keep up the good work!


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