Friday, March 31, 2006

Parental Posting

There's been a discussion over here on whether one is a "Yes" parent or a "No" parent. I'm afraid I'm a "stare off into space contemplating the long-term ramifications of that while you continue asking until you're blue in the face because you can't even tell I've heard you" parent. But I am trying to do better, and at least give notice that they're on hold.

You know how the Sandman comes in the evenings and sprinkles sand in the eyes of the children? In the morning his brother the Glueman comes and sticks glue on the eyelids of the grownups.

D1 has learned to say "Jesus" in the past couple of weeks. She pulls out her Bible and asks for "Bible koree Dee-sus?" She claps her hands and asks to sing, "Dee-SUS?" (loves the little children). This is all almost too precious to bear.

On the topic of "Jesus Loves the Little Children," I am not much of a fan of Sunday School songs. When I taught 4 &5s and 1&2nd graders, I tried various experiments with metrical psalms and other weightier matters. But there's no mistaking the way her eyes light up when we sing something simple and clappable. So we do it when we're having a special Bible story time for her, and I sing the other songs at other times. I try to do Scripture songs when I can, and at least make sure the song, however simple, is doctrinally correct. ("Jesus Loves the Little Children" seems OK unless you believe in limited atonement--which I don't think I do.)


Carrie said...

AH! I come from a "no" family. Jonathan comes from a "yes" family. There's a striking difference between the two and I've had to do a lot of self-examination and praying about it. I think I'd rather be a "yes" parent. Not sure how successful I will be, but I'm trying. The benefits seem overwhelming in the long haul.

Definitely good food for thought.

Anonymous said...

This is a song we taught the children. The tune is sweet and simple.

I delight to do Thy will
To do Thy will, O my God
Yeah, Thy Love is within my heart
Thy Love is within my heart
In my heart

Angels rejoice in heaven above
While doing His will with hearts full of Love
Not striving for gain, nor obeying from fear
His Love is within their hearts
In their hearts

Jesus lives His own Life in me
He fills me with joy, renews my mind
Whatever He wants is what I want too
His Love is within my heart
In my heart.

We (this little family) have enjoyed your blog for sometime now.

May you be filled with Father's wisdom in nurturing these priceless souls.