Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Toddler Shower: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Last Sunday I was caught off guard by as inquiry as to when I was to have a baby shower for the new baby. Not only was I raised to understand that the recipient was to have nothing to do with applying for gifts (nor was their family, but all the showers lately seem to be thrown by family members, so I guess that rule has expired), I couldn't imagine what on earth anyone would give me at a baby shower that I needed. D1 was not particularly destructive on things as a newborn, and nobody gives you any clothes bigger than 3-6 months.

Then it occurred to me that what I really could use was a toddler shower. I really do need a stool for the bathroom, a child-sized table and chair (wooden, please, NOT Little Tikes), and it wouldn't hurt to have some new clothes, as hand-me-downs are starting to get slimmer pickings now that their former wearers were big enough to feed themselves and play in the mud. But it seems rather unfair to give D1 two showers and none for D2, I suppose.

DOB suggested that a double stroller could do for both, but I'm not sure a double stroller would work in our neighborhood. It only has sidewalks every so often and they terminate in very inaccessible ways, so I spend a lot of time dragging the stroller over curbs and grass. I'm not sure that's doable with a double stroller. (Then again, it may not be any easier with a single stroller and a baby in a front pack.)

Anyway, I'll probably successfully avoid all such dilemmas by following the rules of etiquette and refusing to get involved.


the Joneses said...

I have a friend who didn't marry until she was 28. She claims she should have had a "still single but living in her own house" shower. I like the idea of a toddler shower. Especially if it includes little coupons that say, "Good for two hours' toddler-watching at my house especially if your husband is working late." Come to think of it... I might do that for a mom having her second baby. Thanks for the idea. :)

-- SJ

Queen of Carrots said...

Once my roommates and I, for Single Female Awareness Day, threw an "UnShower." All the guests brought a wrapped household item and we had a gift exchange, as well as playing various shower-type games not directly tied to getting married or having a baby. I'm still using the cutting boards I got.