Monday, June 20, 2005

Get me the dictionary

As D1 adds new words to her vocabulary, it's evident that she is using a different dictionary than the one I am accustomed to. For instance, one of her favorites is "all done." (OK, to you it would probably sound like "ai-duh."

Now, when she's eating, I think this ought to mean, "I've had all I want, Mommy, please wash me up and set me down." She seems to think it means, "Hey! This is an empty bowl! Get me another one!"

On the other hand, when picking up toys, I think it ought to mean, "All the toys are in the box now." She thinks it means, "OK, that was fun, putting those two toys in the box. Now let's do something else."

A very recent new word is "quack." Now, I thought this meant "noise a duck makes" and should be interpreted as a request to read a book about ducks or, most likely, sing "Five Little Ducks," which is her favorite song right now. She likes to join in with the "quacks" on the chorus.

But I think she's reasoned from this that "quack" is an appropriate lyric for any song. On Sunday morning she added "quack, quack" into whatever song was being sung. "Oh, victory in Jesus (quack quack), My Savior forever (quack, quack, quack)."

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