Tuesday, June 14, 2005

More than you ever wanted to know

I found a file on how to remove strawberry stains. And every other stain under the sun. It contains a complete list of all solvents one might use to remove stains, plus a list of stain removal methods by category. First you look up your particular stain and find out what category it falls into (berries are a "Tannin and Glucose" stain), then you consult the procedures for that category, then you go back to the solvent list to find out how to mix the appropriate solvent. By this time you've already jettisoned the "deal with stains promptly" advice.

And they think homemaking is a brainless job.

Actually, the stains still came out pretty much as usual. Some came out by magic. Some came out by bleach. And some still haven't come out yet.

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