Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Snapshot at One

Right now her whole energy is focused on learning to walk. She can spend hours pulling up, letting go, sitting down, and doing it all over again, interspersed with cruising around the room. Toys hold almost no interest for her, except as things to reach for. I think her language development has paused a bit, too. Right now it's all about moving.

It occurred to me last night that, although she has a fair number of words, none of them really seem to be nouns. Even ones that you would think are, like "num-num" or "da-da" pertain more to situations and seem to mean "Hey, it's time to eat now!" or "Here's someone to play with me!" She never points and uses them, even though she understands pointing. She does point when she says "Guy!" which we think generally means something along the lines of "Let's go outside." She will make the sign for "bird," but hasn't tried to say it more than once or twice.

Most late afternoons you will find us on the lawn. It's the only sure-fire way to help her wait for supper. Fortunately we've been having an unbelievably lovely June. Since our deck is a bare concrete slab and we have no outdoor furniture yet, I'll usually be sitting on the grass, reading, while D1 climbs up, lets go, and sits down, over and over again. Sometimes she looks at leaves and sticks and thinks about chewing on them.

We went through weaning this week. I'm not sure who to blame for it. I was kind of hoping to go longer, but she was making it increasingly clear that she just wasn't that interested anymore. So I tried not offering, and sure enough, she never asked. She'd rather eat an extra bowl of oatmeal and applesauce and yogurt. She never was a comfort nurser and I suspect supply was starting to run low. But I miss it, even if she doesn't.

I still can't come to terms with how much she eats. If a one-year-old girl eats this much, how will we ever afford to feed teenage boys?

And now it's time to go get up my . . . not-a-baby anymore.

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