Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mouth-Eye Coordination

Until one spends several hours a day watching a baby, one never realizes just how much there is to learn in the world.

In the last month, D1 has progressed to the point where she can feed herself, with occasional help to shovel the food out of her bib and back into the bowl. At the beginning of this process, like all babies, she relied more on her mouth than on her eyes. She knew the spoon had to go into her mouth, so she would stick it in. If it didn't have food on it, well, take it out, rub it in the bowl again, and have another go at it.

But now she can look at the spoon and realize whether it has food on it or not. If the food falls off, she patiently chases it around the bowl until the spoon is fully loaded.

Then she turns it sideways on the way up to her mouth and half of it falls off. Apparently she hasn't developed an eye for quantity yet, nor for which way around the spoon should go.

Yesterday I tried to find her some shot glasses, because the sippy cup is not working for us. I could only find two varieties. One had a flared rim, which while it may not be a problem while inebriated, probably would be unduly difficult when one is learning to drink for the first time. The others were covered with ads for hard liquor, which didn't seem to strike quite the right note either. So I will keep looking.

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