Tuesday, June 07, 2005

If our minds are so systemized, why can't we keep track of the bank papers?

So some fellow researching brains divides the human brain into two components, the Empathizing Quotient (EQ)--ability to understand and relate to other people--and the Systemizing Quotient (SQ)--ability to understand and analyze systems--and observes that on average women score higher on EQ and men score higher on SQ. He has a test you can take to find your score and the type of brain you have.

DOB and I both score average on EQ for our sex, and above average on SQ, which makes DOB's brain very "male" according to the chart and my brain balanced (so take that, all you who have thought I was mentally unbalanced). We both scored high on SQ for opposite reasons, though, with DOB's score due to his intuitive understanding of things like maps and insistence on knowing the technical specifications of everything he buys, while mine was due to wanting to know what everything is called and how it works. Neither skill seems to be helping us in keeping the desk organized.

The research ultimately relates to autism, though, with the theory being that autism-spectrum disorders are characterized by a high SQ with a lack of EQ. The researcher notes that there should be a corollary disorder of someone with a high EQ but lack of SQ, but says there is no clinical term for such a condition.

Well, they may not know what to call it in the UK, or in clinics, but out here, we call it blonde.

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