Tuesday, May 03, 2005


  • We have decided that D1 is officially talking. She says "Hi" and "num-num" unprompted but appropriately. (We weren't sure "num-num" counted as a word, but according to DOB's mom, who is a speech therapist and ought to know, it does.) In the running for her third word: "gentle" "all done."
  • She's still not officially crawling, but she's spending a lot of time up on all fours, sometimes moving forward by then doing a nose-dive. She sat herself up last week but has not repeated the performance.
  • I am sending John Dewey back to the library unread. I got halfway through and realized he had yet to say anything, or at least to say anything that wasn't either an obvious platitude or so carefully qualified that it would be impossible to determine what it was. I don't know how he had such a great influence, but I doubt it was through this book. Anyway, I've got other things to do right now.
  • On Sunday at church the pastor asked if D1 would let him hold her. Being sleepy, she acted reluctant. "You'll have to catch her when she's had her nap," said DOB. Smarting a bit from D1's obvious preference for her babysitter, I said, "Or you'd have to be Aunt Kristen." The trouble was, in the post-service cacophony, it sounded like I said, "Or you'd have to be a Christian."
  • As promised: A "site" is a location, including one online. "Sight" is the quality of vision, or by relation, a visually arresting event or landscape. "I love your sight," an effusion I have seen in comments, should only be uttered by optometrists. "I love this sight" is arguable but few websites are stunning enough to deserve it. "Cite" is the verb form of "citation," it means to make a specific reference to an authority. In summary: Your site is such a wonderful sight; I'd like to cite it.

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