Monday, May 09, 2005

Waiting in line

Have you noticed that everybody wants to schedule things to coincide with your birthday? Convenient as this may be for the government and professionals, who wants to spend the day scheduling eye exams, dental exams, and renewing their vehicle and driver's license? What kind of a birthday is that?

On the other hand, Lenscrafter's 30 days of guaranteed absolute happiness would probably have compensated us for having to spend two hours waiting in their store on our first day out by ourselves in a year, but apparently they only offer it if you buy glasses, not for those merely getting free repairs. Too bad, I could use a happiness guarantee over the next few days. I have a feeling that traveling alone with a 10-month-old is not generally a time of uninterrupted bliss.

We've figured out how to save money on ice cream. The secret is a chain we just encountered called Cold Stone. They take the ice cream and mix it with several harmonious ingredients (I had chocolate with brownies, chocolate chips, and chocolate syrup). It was so rich that now, for only $5 apiece, neither of us wants to taste ice cream again for months.

I will try to get my follow-up to the previous post done before I leave tomorrow, but first must finish packing.

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