Monday, May 30, 2005

Thank you, Martha

A friend passed on a couple of old Martha Stewart Baby magazines. "Great," I thought, "More reasons to feel guilty for not doing thing I already decided I wasn't going to do, plus a whole new influx of things I never thought of."

But there, tucked among the instructions for hand-appliqued baby announcements and lavender-scented burp cloths, was a Useful Idea. One that would save me money, and give me more time.

Specifically, the suggestion was to sew a double long pillowcase with ties on the end. Inside could go two normal pillows and voila!--the full body pillow so valued by expectant mothers, which could be converted back to regular pillows when not needed. So, with the investment of $6 in pillows, a couple of scraps of fabric, and an hour of time, I am now sleeping much better.

But DOB is getting a little jealous of Mr. Pillow.

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the Joneses said...

Yes, I've practiced polyandry since before Addie was born -- kiss Husband goodnight, then roll over and embrace Body Pillow. Darren's used to him by now, seeing as he accompanies us everywhere possible. That's a great idea, though. I'll remember it when I finally lay my Wal-Mart special to (ha, ha) rest.

-- SJ