Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Going Bananas

Bananas were, naturally, one of the first foods I tried to convince D1 to eat, nearly six months ago now. She didn't like them. Not mashed in her oatmeal, not in little bits on her tray (which she couldn't pick up yet), not stuffed straight in her mouth. So, with a sigh, I abandoned bananas and stuck to applesauce.

The week before last, when we picked up DOB at the airport after being parted for three days, D1 was naturally excited. And when DOB started peeling and eating a banana, nothing would do but that she should try some, too. She then discovered that she could actually take bites and eat it all by herself. The deed was done. Bananas are now her favorite food.

When she started to get hungry during a brief lull in the action at the YR convention last weekend, I had one along. Keeping an 11-month-old occupied during a day-long business meeting is a lot harder than keeping a 2-month-old quiet. Well before lunch time all three of us were thoroughly smeared with banana (fortunately DOB was not wearing a tie, but his sportcoat will have to be cleaned). I gave up on most of the afternoon activities and took her upstairs for a nap.

Now the only thing on earth she doesn't like is canned spinach, which I bought on accident. I don't blame her. God never meant for spinach to be canned. But I haven't gotten my nerve up to just throw it out yet.

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