Friday, April 29, 2005


The furnace is finally fixed. We had a false alarm on Wednesday evening--they got it to run for a few hours but were still short the last essential part (which also was necessary to keep rivers of dirty water from running across the garage) and it soon quit again. But yesterday it was all done. Amazingly enough, the weather has not suddenly shot up to the 70's. So we may get to enjoy having it working for a few days yet. Now, on to the air conditioning repair. . . .

I really shouldn't be blogging. In a week and a half I am flying back out to Washington with D1 and my rubber chicken to record a class on government I used to teach two years ago. (D1 won't help with the class, but the rubber chicken will.) So I desperately need to be rehearsing. Then after a few days of that, DOB is flying out to join us. So I desperately need to be planning food for him to survive three days on his own. Then we will be attending two weddings, His Majesty's, and Carrie's. So I desperately need to be finding us some decent clothes to wear and figure out how to pack them (while leaving enough room for the dishes my sister wants to send back with us). Then we will be flying home, recuperating for a few days, and then heading off to the state YR convention. So I desperately need to be getting our club's chartering info together, or I won't even be able to vote at it.

This overuse of the word "desperately" does not reflect my lack of creativity. Rather it is a protest against the almost constant misspelling of the word I see all over the internet. I've seen it wrong so many times I had to look it up myself, and the Grammar Commando should not have to do that. Please, folks: "despErately." (Next week on the Commando Blogwatch: the essential and rather obvious difference between site, sight, and cite.)

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