Monday, April 04, 2005

Transportation Methods

Feeding D1 is an activity that, though I hate to admit it, is becoming tedious. Spending nearly two hours of my day aiming a spoon at a moving target gets old. Besides, don't I want her to grow in independence?

So when I spotted a gizmo called a "dipper," I decided to give it a try. It consists of a fat, squeezeable handle and a little flat paddle with grooves in it. The idea is that the grooves will hold the food on no matter which way the baby turns the dipper. You are supposed to demonstrate it a few times for the baby and then let them try it out for themselves.

Dipper procedure, according to QOC:

1. Dip dipper in food.
2. Put dipper in D1's mouth.
3. Repeat.

D1 was quite eager to take her turn. Anything new to grab and chew on is always welcome. However, despite repeated demonstrations, she clings to her own notion that a more complicated ritual is demanded.

Dipper procedure, according to D1:

1. Dip dipper in food.
2. Bang dipper on side of bowl.
3. Bang dipper on tray. Rub around a bit.
4. Hang dipper over side of high chair and shake vigorously.
5. Run dipper through hair.
6. Put dipper in mouth.

Needless to say, by this time the grooves have given up on holding the food altogether and are doing their best merely to cling to the dipper.

It is fun, for sure. But dipper use remains reserved to times when I am feeling even more patient than usual. So progress is slow.

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