Wednesday, April 20, 2005


According to the ultrasound last Friday, I'm due October 15. I still have my doubts, though, based on when I started and stopped feeling awful. Maybe D2 just has a big head, like DOB. I didn't find the ultrasound experience that thrilling. I already knew the baby had a head and a spine and a bottom, and that was about all one could make out. I'm happy to stick to my general no-ultrasound-unless-necessary policy and wait to see what they look like when they're ready to be visible.

Our phone line is working again--because we finally had time to call and ask them to fix it. The air conditioning and heat are still waiting on a similar occurence. We are very grateful the appliances and cars have been working just fine recently, as they're much more inconvenient to have broken.

D1 has finally started to develop some interest in getting to somewhere where she is not. The allure of far lands has always been to her significantly less than the allure of waving her arms in the air, trying out new noises, and watching the world go by. But now that she thinks there might be something interesting in the next room, I expect actual crawling to ensue shortly.

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