Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Service Distractions

I saw a discussion yesterday on the merits of including vs. excluding children from services. One commenter defended his church's practice of excluding children under six from the services by saying, "It can be disruptive to the study, in the same way cell phones can be disruptive. "

Doesn't that sum up much of the modern Christian attitude towards children? Noisy, expensive luxury items that will distract you from the really important things in life unless you can shuttle them off somewhere for awhile. Instead of fellow human beings who need to hear God's Word (God's Word, not just the latest drivel in Christian education) and members of the body of Christ who need to fellowship with us.

Not that I think children attending the service should be mandatory, if there are resources to provide an alternative for parents who need it--but I can't imagine attending a church that absolutely forbade children from being in the service.

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