Friday, April 15, 2005


D1 has taught herself how to clap. She likes to do it whenever she finds herself on her back, especially during diaper changes. I must admit, it's nice to have an appreciative audience for a usually thankless task. She also applauded when I put on my Gilbert & Sullivan CD. Clearly, a child of discriminating tastes.

My tulips are up and blooming and individually beautiful, though collectively more sparse than I would like. If I get very inspired, I may take a picture. I had B5 take out some of the ugly evergreens in front of the flowerbed last weekend and hope eventually to convert it from the three-identical-pruned-shrub look to more of a cottage garden. But it will take quite some time.

Tuesday night I became convinced I would live out the rest of my days nauseous and exhausted, in a disastrously messy house, cold, broke, and starving. As I should have realized, this meant the first trimester (at least symptom-wise) was about to end. I'm feeling much better now. I even did the dinner dishes two nights in a row, which I'm sure hasn't happened since February.

I have been looking at some cool homeschooling websites: The Well-Trained Mind, and Guilt-Free Homeschooling. Also one that apparently looks at homeschooling from an Objectivist (i.e. Ayn Rand) perspective.

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