Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Second Time Around

Everything is for first-time moms. The pregnancy magazines, the pamphlets, even the nurse's lectures. When I met with the nurse yesterday, she just shrugged, handed over the same packet I got last year and said, "I guess you still remember all this."

Apparently there is not an adequate market for such issues as: How do you change stinky diapers when you are already queasy? How do you rearrange the nursery to fit two babies? (And how do you keep them from waking each other up?) What do you do if all the maternity clothes you bought last time won't work because they're not suitable for nursing? And why are you outgrowing everything twice as soon?

The morning sickness (which usually strikes me worst in the evenings) is much, much better this time. Which leaves lots of room for improvement. There are still days in which I would cheerfully exchange going through unmedicated childbirth twice per child--complete with three days of pre-labor and two and a half hours of pushing--for going through the first trimester once. (DOB has suggested I could accomplish the same effect by having twins, but I'm not sure.) At least when giving birth I can stop worrying about other things and concentrate on the task at hand. I think the first trimester has a similar hormonal effect to labor, in that one wants to withdraw from the world, but unfortunately withdrawing from the world for two and a half months isn't really an option. Especially when one is a stay-at-home mom and can't call in sick.

On the flip side, I think D1 is actually helping me feel better. Having a pattern of things that have to be done every day keeps me from getting too stuck in a rut of inactivity. Having definite limited naptimes helps me focus on stopping everything else and getting a nap. And having someone cooing and laughing (for whatever mysterious reasons of her own) keeps things from getting too dreary around here.

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