Thursday, March 17, 2005


Name: D1
Grade: 9 months

Pre-Reading: B Comments: Recognizes books have uses other than eating, but still prefers eating them.
Language: B Comments: Babbles well, seems to ascribe meaning to some babbles. Recognizes simple words.
Gross Motor: D Comments: Sits unsupported, rolls around well and tries to lift onto all fours, but still very much in the pre-crawling stage. May need remediation.
Fine Motor: B+ Comments: Can grab any piece of lint off the floor, no matter how small. Plays the piano with individual fingers.
Social: A+ Comments: Waves when prompted and sometimes spontaneously; recognizes people after a week's absence.

Oh wait, I guess it's kind of silly, not to say heartless, to ascribe value to a child's development based on arbitrary averages. Wonder why that changes suddenly when they turn six?

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