Friday, March 04, 2005

My cup runneth over

DOB had a friend who came over at some unearthly hour of the night Wednesday (I was falling asleep by then) to look at the furnace. He determined it had Congressional disease: Lots of hot air, but not doing anything. He managed to do a quick fix that got the house warm again, but said it really needs the whole system checked out and tuned up, a process that will no doubt be tiresome and expensive.

Anyway, sometime after this, the system had a minor explosion of some sort while DOB was watching, and the little overflow that used to drip a drop of water every few minutes has started to do a steady drain. The very nasty cup from someone's freshman orientation, which has served to catch the water from time immemorial, is now utterly inadequate to the task. Instead, we have propped a five-gallon bucket on top of the mop bucket with some cardboard holding it to the right angle. It filled most of the way up overnight.

In other news, the distiller is throwing fits again and refuses to run without dumping water all over the floor. This has made the water situation rather difficult, but DOB's family is bringing water when they can.

So between all that and the usual diaper duty, I guess I'll devote my day to trying to keep dry.

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