Friday, March 18, 2005

The Joys of Spam

That would be the internet variety, not the canned meat, which I don't think I've ever tasted, although I did once work with a Hawaiian fellow who was always threatening to bring some in and microwave it, which would have spawned odor-wars with my lutefisk-eating Swedish-speaking Finn co-worker. (Despite my Norwegian heritage, I never ate lutefisk either. Grandma had me cook it for her, but she wouldn't share.) Fortunately for all of us, we were able to defuse the situation before it got too intense.

Email spam, on the other hand, I'm quite familiar with. And it's been getting more entertaining lately. For awhile we were getting a phishing scam that would send out a notice of need for our information from a different bank each week. Presumably when it finally got all the way down the list to our local bank, we would forget that we'd already been requested information from dozens of other banks we'd never been affiliated with and rush in to hand over all our private data. But they never did get that far down the list.

Even more interesting is the "from" addresses on a recent round of spam. Usually these are random strings of letters, or names. But apparently they have run out of names to use. So they've started stringing together arbitrary words as if they were names. Like this:
Pivoting J. Megaton
Travailed P. Chaperoning
Elocution V. Rodolfo
Hillier O. Incompatibles

There's a certain charm to the names. It makes one think of a sci-fi novel where a group has adopted English wholesale, without a clue what any of the words mean.

I'm almost tempted to save the spam just for the fun of collecting the names.

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