Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Problem of Tags

Guest Blog by D1

Lately I've noticed that lots of things come with these little white pieces of paper attached, called "tags." They're on everything: washcloths, blankets, playpens, toys. They're ugly.

So I've decided to work on removing them. I think Mama agrees with me, because usually when she notices I've found another tag, she goes ahead and takes it off for me. She can do it faster because she uses scissors. I have to chew on them.

Other times, Mama doesn't notice until I've already pulled the tag off by myself. Then she thanks me and throws it in the trash. I did that to my playpen mat tag. It was a big one, a lot of fun to remove.

A really hard one to remove is the one on the back of my exersaucer. I have to twist way around in my seat to reach it. Plus, Mama doesn't let me play in the exersaucer for very long. But when I get a chance, I like to chew on it. I have it about halfway chewed off now.

Last night I noticed Mama has a tag on the blanket on her bed. So I started to work on it. Mama didn't like this. She seems to think I should concentrate on eating when I'm in her bed. But I don't know how I'm supposed to do that when she keeps so many interesting things--like tags and Papa--in there. Too distracting.

Anyway, I hope if you have any tags at your house, you are working to get rid of them.

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