Saturday, June 23, 2007

This and That

D1 awoke this morning asking us, "Did you see the balloons?" I guess she thought the Birthday Fairy had put them there. (I'm starting to understand the appeal of the whole Santa Claus thing.) Having a three year old is great fun. Just old enough to enjoy everything wholeheartedly and without a trace of self-consciousness.

We'd make a lousy credit card ad, though. Balloons and streamers: $3 (with lots left or reusable for subsequent birthdays). Homemade cake decorated with leftover Halloween candy: maybe $2? Game of hunt-the-button: $0. Best birthday party ever, priceless.


With summer comes flies. This brings out DOB's latent hunting instincts. Every evening after dark he girds on his fly swatter, turns out all but one of the lights, and goes forth to conquer. We have division of labor when it comes to insect slaying--I kill the spiders (which he finds creepy); he kills the flies (which move too fast for me). It seems to me that if I killed fewer spiders they would eat more flies, but he doesn't see it that way. I am relegated to clearing the body from the fields, a messy and inglorious job seldom commemorated in the movies.


Our trip will involve moving three time zones later, and also a switch from workaday time to vacation/visiting time, which is more like four or five time zones later. Anticipating the trauma this will wreak upon small children, we've been trying to gradually move meals and naptimes later and later. Unfortunately the rest of the city has not moved along to accommodate us. I am getting tired.

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steph said...

Oh, no, no, no. Have DOB do research on the internet about homemade fly traps. DH has become quite the homemade fly trap enthusiast (one of the stranger hobbies we've acquired-I fear we'd probably make a pretty poor credit card ad, too) since the flies have reached fever pitch at our house as well.

Basically, get a milk jug, poke a hole in the side, put a mixture of vinegar, raw meat, and some other stuff in it and cap it. Hang it somewhere and voila, you have a fly trap. Works relatively well for us (even though it is utterly disgusting. But what do you do?)

Anyway, G's 2nd birthday cake was a pumpkin loaf covered with chocolate and sprinkles. I had too much going on to do more. She could have cared less. And for games her Great Uncle and Aunt chased her around our living room with one of those toy popper things. She LOVED it. They were the only guests at the "party" and we all (well, except the girls, who will still have pictures!) have memories we will cherish.

What's "hunt the button"? Sounds intriguing...