Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Well, I was going to do a longer post on various things, but life keeps moving on.

Suffice it to say: DOB fell up the front stairs coming home from work Friday, simultaneously ruining his chin, his good blazer, and the evening. The only damage he felt was to his shin, but that doesn't count because it didn't drip blood. The blue string goatee is an interesting fashion statement.

I am not the equal of that, but I do have a second-degree burn on my upper arm from the biscuit pan. DOB thinks we should have gravity installed in the kitchen.

SJ has put words to the terror all parents of young children feel.

We had some long-awaited thunderstorms over the weekend. The ducklings were thrilled. Loud noises! Pouring rain! D2 was looking for a train; we told him that if he heard a train, he needed to head for the basement. They weren't so thrilled when our evening at the park the next day got rained out, too, but we came home and played hide-and-seek instead.

My cold is still stopping up the flow of brilliance from my brain. So you'll just have to wait until it gets better.

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Meredith said...

Get well soon.