Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We are going on a trip next week. I know you're not supposed to announce that to the Big, Bad Internet, but it would be an awful lot of trouble to find our address from our blog, and frankly, we don't have anything worth that much trouble. Our treasured collection of used books just wouldn't bring you that much at Half-Price Books (we tried once). Also DOB's family will be here painting the bathrooms (maybe someday I will have towel rods in a bathroom!) while we are gone. And we may have hired a large, hairy, heavily armed housesitter with a mean ol' dog.

So I am trying to pack for the trip and trying to get enough excited to get the work done without getting so excited I set myself up for disappointment. I know I'm a pessimist. But the last time we took a trip of any significant length to see my family, first we had to fly out in a blizzard, and then D1 was violently ill for nearly the entire trip. Come to think of it, we've never had a real visit out there that didn't involve someone puking. And it's been two years since we visited at all. So I'm trying to stay calmly excited. We should at least be safe from blizzards.

Also, this week is D1's birthday, and as she has been chattering on and on about her upcoming happy birthday for three months, it behooves me to come up with something fun. Fortunately at her age I'm pretty sure a few guests and some balloons will be ample excitement. But I do have to clean the house. And make a purple duck cake.

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Birdy V said...

I hear you about packing and expectations!

Congratulations on the D1's birthday! My mother brought enough life saver type candies and licorice ropes one year for the DD and her friends to make jewelry. That went off very, very well. I believe she used bulk store candy.

From a Occupational Therapy view point you can call it an exercise in dexterity :)