Thursday, June 07, 2007

Are you the man of your dreams?

Are you the central character of your own dreams? And if so, do you always appear as yourself, or are you sometimes someone quite different?

It's hard to quantify dreams, since so many of them are forgotten, but it seems to me that in a fair number of my dreams I am not involved at all. It's like watching a movie. I feel some identification with the main character, but not as if they are me. In others, I am, as it were, playing the main character, but I can (even in the dream) see a distinction between my real self and the character I am playing. And some dreams seem to be happening to the real me.

It also seems to me like I dream fewer dreams with my real self as the central character than I did when I was younger.

Anyway, I had a very interesting dream at naptime involving a young lady repeatedly attempting to poison a young man at the same time her uncle was trying to coerce the young man into marrying the girl--but alas, I was awakened and never found out why he stayed around or what happened. Of course, if I hadn't been awakened, I probably wouldn't remember it at all.


the Joneses said...

DOB, check your dinner carefully tonight!

I think I'm always the central character in the (very few) dreams that I have.


the Joneses said...

Darren was surprised that he commented on this post and I didn't. But basically I can just say, "Yeah, me too." It's always a disappointment when I have a dream like yours, and either wake up before it all resolves, or realize halfway through that -- darn it -- I'm making this up so I have to figure it out myself.

-- SJ