Saturday, June 16, 2007

Changing Colors

My Many Colored Days is a Dr. Seuss book published posthumously with (as he had hoped) pictures by a very different artist. I checked it out for the ducklings, who like colors. The ducklings are very fond of it. But I am certainly not too old to identify with it.

"You'd be surprised how many ways/I change on different colored days."

I think I have too many yellow days (when I am a "busy, buzzy bee"), which lead directly to brown days ("I feel slow and low, low down"). I need more green days ("cool and quiet fish"). Think Green.

DOB, however, disagrees with the last part of the book. "But it all comes out all right, you see/And I go back to being me." He's not so sure there is a me behind all the different colors.

I think I should get credit for keeping things interesting.

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