Friday, June 01, 2007

Calling the King

Over the past couple of months, D1 has begun to change from imitation-driven play to imagination-driven play. No longer content to just mimic what she sees, her play now encompasses words, songs, books, and anything else that might catch her fancy, whether she understands it or not. Sometimes she takes trips to California, and sometimes she talks to California on the phone.

She sees new connections everywhere. We were making the "Kk" page for her alphabet notebook and I drew her a king. "A king!" she said, "Like in 'Henny Penny!'"

"Henny Penny" is the new favorite naptime read, notwithstanding its rather gruesome ending. A few hours later she was driving by the old telephone stashed in one of the desk cubbyholes and picked it up to make a call.

"Hello," she said, "The sky is falling."

I guess that mode of communication would bypass Foxy-Woxy.

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