Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The First Joke

It is DOB's custom to read D1 one story before bedtime. This was supposed to be exclusively for her after D2 goes to bed, but sometimes we are running slow on getting D2 to bed. But regardless, the story is definitely for her. She gets to pick it, although sometimes DOB tries to persuade her that something other than Stop That Ball! for the sixth night running might be desirable.

Anyway, the other night she was looking at the bookshelf (and the pile of things in front of the bookshelf that hadn't quite got put away). She reached down amid the rubble and picked up a tube of A&D ointment that had fallen out of the diaper-changing supplies. Grinning mischievously, she said, "You want to read this book?"

Finally she had settled on Stop That Ball! yet again. Seeking for variety, DOB asked, "Shall I read it backwards?"

"You want to read it frontwards."


Libertango said...

Ok that's very cute. =D

the Joneses said...

Hey, not a bad joke considering her youth. Shows promise! Soon she'll be as accomplished as Stuart, who thinks that if he inserts the word "boing" into a conversation, it's automatically roflol.

-- SJ