Monday, October 23, 2006

Suffering Little Children

No, the ducklings aren't particularly suffering, except for another round of colds, which, while somewhat nasty in the nose department, seems to be affecting their spirits not a whit.

One would think that having done five children for a day last week, I would find caring for two a walk in the park. One would be wrong. Actually it left me feeling rather tired of the presence of small children for several days.

Sometimes I wonder if something is wrong with me. After all, I used to like being around small children. I even sought out opportunities to be with them. Now, I find myself rather unenchanted by small children in general (excepting the ducklings) and certainly not eager to multiply my opportunities to interact with them.

Well, really, it's just a matter of saturation. When my days consisted of staring at a computer or a book and trying to have Profound Thoughts, naturally a round of "Duck, Duck, Goose" was a nice relief. On the other hand, when my day consists of endless rounds of diapers and Very Hungry Caterpillars, it's the Thinking Profound Thoughts that is a welcome relief. It's not as if I would choose being a preschool teacher out of other career choices; I spend time with my children because they are mine, not because they are children.

Of course, when all the children in the world were equally unrelated, they were roughly equally charming. Now my own so vastly surpass all the rest in my esteem that my feelings toward the rest seem rather indifferent.

That said, why is it that churches so easily fall into assigning the mothers of small children to work in the nursery and preschool Sunday School classes? Yes, they're handy and well-qualified; yes, they're bringing half the class. And yes, they probably volunteered. (I just did. Stupid of me. It should be short-term, though, while the existing teacher is out having a baby.) But wouldn't they perhaps enjoy doing something different for a change? And perhaps some teenagers or empty-nesting mothers would really enjoy spending two hours with babies.

I think I'll ask about working in the library.


Juliana M said...

Sigh. I really want to TRY to get saturated on children. Really!

(I will not be envious. I will not be envious. I will not be envious...)


Rachel's Adoring Jeremy said...


(That's all I'll say...)

the Joneses said...

Teenagers really should be assigned to work with children. Either they'll gain confidence as they see how much joy it brings, or they'll realize they don't want children for a LONG TIME and will behave accordingly.

Juliana, I could say the same about being able to get out of a vehicle, closing the door, and walking into a store without a second glance back.

-- SJ

Queen of Carrots said...

Juliana~Your saturation level is admittedly high. But I think three weeks alone with ten children under five, snowed in with only one book to read aloud and finger-painting as the only activity option would make you appreciate a quiet evening alone. ;-)

The Duke said...

I don't know ~ I think she'd still be enjoying it at that point. "Look kids, now the snow is melting..."

Rachel's Loving Fiancé said...

If EVER there was someone who would hold up to the Queen's scenario, it would be Juliana...


Juliana M said...

QOC - Just for the record, I already appreciate a quiet evening alone. ;-)

CappuccinoLife said...

I love kids and I want about 15 of them, but....

I do not enjoy babysitting at all. And I think there's a reason God doesn't generally give us 5 or 6 of them at one time. It's much easier having several different ages.
My absolute worst days are when I babysit 2 year old twins for our neighbors.