Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Some Vignettes

QOC (watching in anguish as DOB's queen collides with her rook): I never see the most obvious things!

(DOB snatches the last tender fragment of peanut butter-oatmeal-chocolate chip cookie out of her hand.)

QOC: Hey, that's my cookie!

DOB: See, you don't always miss the most obvious things!

If only I cared about my chess game the way I care about my cookies.

Yesterday morning I was bristling with efficiency. I started rice for supper and cookie dough. I had breakfast all fixed. I actually went and woke the ducklings up, instead of waiting until they wailed in protest. This, I thought smugly, is the result of finally being caught up and having things ready the night before.

And then DOB, rushing to get out the door, asked, "Aren't you going to iron my clothes this morning?"

I should know by now: For me, being ahead is always the result of completely forgetting something essential.


The Duke said...

I don't think I said it quite like that. ;)

the Joneses said...

You know, it says a lot about a couple-with-two-young-children who find time to play chess together.

-- SJ