Monday, October 02, 2006

Birthday Boy

I'd like to say something profound about D2's birthday, but I'll stop with saying that I'm very thankful for the year we might not have had. He enjoyed himself thoroughly on his birthday, showed due appreciation for each of his gifts, and considerable relish for the apple crisp we offered in lieu of birthday cake, as I'm cruelly strict about sweets for children not yet potty training.

In preparation for the great event, we actually put most of our pictures up on the wall. Here is D1, enjoying their wrappings.


Rose said...

She has hair now! So cute. Jane's is still far too fine to sustain a bow, although recently she's shown a real partiality to hats, which is cute if not so easy to coordinate.

Happy birthday to D2! I like your rule about sweets.

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday, D2! =) Thank you for a year of entertainment and one great story for Mama to share. (Although I suspect she isn't quite so keen on repeating the same scenario for anyone else.)

the Joneses said...

Happy birthday, D2! Is he already a year? Glad such a dramatic entrance into the world has such a happy "continuing story."

-- SJ