Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Daniel Boone I Am Not

We are planning a little weekend getaway to visit some friends in West Virginia, with a scenic drive along the Kentucky side of the Ohio River. I'm supposed to find a park to stop at for lunch.

I am totally clueless. I keep finding suitable parks and then discovering they would take us in the opposite direction. The humps of the different states don't seem to fit together quite the way I thought they would. Then when I do find a park in the right spot, it looks boring.

The West Coast is so nice. All those lovely big states that fit together at right angles.

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Renee said...

Yahoo maps might be a good place to look ( in your starting and ending locations, then under the "Find on the Map" on the bottom left corner search for "parks". It'll show you different parks along the route and you can quickly see if it's out-of-the-way or not. From there you can search for more info on the parks to see if they're good or not... :)