Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Thoughts from Here and There

Auntie M's comments on the evangelism post were extremely good. Go, read. I especially appreciated the point that people (at least in this country--and in a lot of others as well) don't lack for opportunities to hear the gospel. What they lack is reasons why they should listen.

In this article, the founder of Eharmony explains how he hopes to stem the divorce rate by helping people find their soulmate. With all due regard for the reality that it is often more pleasant to be married to someone with whom you have much in common, helping people find their soulmates will do nothing to avoid divorce. All marriages are incompatible; what destroys marriages is selfishness. Focusing on finding a "soulmate" who complements you ideally feeds the selfishness that damages a marriage. (And a lot of Christians' obsession with finding "God's perfect will" in a spouse stems more from this unscriptural notion than anything else. On the few occasions in the Bible when God's voice spoke from heaven and told someone who to marry, it was not necessarily all that much fun for the parties involved.)

On the other hand, I found this article a pretty insightful look at three basic types of men and what it's like to be a wife to each. (I'm a bit of a skeptic about personality groupings, but they can be helpful if you don't take them too seriously.) A good point that submission is going to look very different for women with different types of husbands. Only a few women have husbands who give them many direct orders. For a lot of women, submission means not pestering their husband for their lack of interest in giving direct orders. And for women married to what she terms "visionaries," like DOB, it means saying, "What's that?" enthusiastically every time he bursts into the room with "I have an idea!" even though he's already had and abandoned five of them in the last hour. :-)

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