Friday, February 11, 2005

Random Thoughts

On Heaven:

Though commonly associated with heaven, after some thought I've come to the speculation that babies probably won't be there. This is not meant to be a comment on infant salvation/innocence/whatever, just on the reality that heaven is represented as a place where all things are in a state of perfect completion. (e.g. I Cor. 13) Cute as they are, babies are not complete yet. Hence, my guess is whatever age we depart the earth, in heaven we're all mature.

Though commonly not associated with heaven, I've also come to a more definite conclusion that private property probably will be there. The primary qualification for almost all humanly-imagined utopias is the abolition of private property. Yet when the Bible describes an ideal future, it describes one where private property exists. (e.g. Micah 4.) My guess is that in heaven we will have all the good things that come with private property--caretaking, generosity, creativity; and none of the bad things--covetousness, excess, unpaid bills. (Maybe in heaven I'll have time to get the closets organized.)

On Christian practices:
DOB is trying to persuade his Catholic partner to give up some of his free time for Lent so that he can study for another securities license. Something tells me that's not quite the purpose of the season.

On the other hand, Baptists don't give up anything for Lent because there's nothing left for them to give up. Except food, but how could they go forty days without a potluck?

I think I've finally figured out what legalism is. It's the way those other people misapply the doctrine of sanctification.

On housekeeping:
Now that D1 is learning to feed herself chunks of carrot, I have someone else to blame the messy kitchen floor on.

On the other hand, now that she is learning to feed herself whatever she finds on the floor, I really need to clean it more often.

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Twylah said...

Your definition of legalism is hysterical :)