Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Enough about me, let us admire D1

She loves to pose like this. I think it makes her look like a little hobbit smoking a pipe.

Last week she started to figure out waving. She still is uncertain about application, sometimes waving hard at inanimate objects and at other times staring blankly back when the entire church is waving at her at once, but she seems to have the general idea down well.

She is working very hard on the task of crawling, and is getting closer each day to being able to get up on all fours. It annoys her that she can't already do it. I foresee a lifetime of frustration for her.

She has grown into the next size of clothes. I'm getting really spoiled with having a whole new wardrobe every two months. The one downside is, her primary hand-me-down source was very petite and an early walker, so she is starting to get into clothes that would work better on someone who was more or less vertical. (I refer specifically to garments that come apart in the middle when not aided by gravity. Babies should stay in overalls until they learn to walk.)

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