Monday, February 21, 2005

Speaking her language

As can be seen below, D1 is progressing in the motor skills department, but it's a source of frustration from time to time, as she still can't figure out what to tell those muscles to make them crawl!

Language development, however, is pure fun. She's starting to distinguish sounds for different things: "Hida!" is her standard greeting (along with a wave); "Dadadada" tends to go with happy times; "Nahnahnah" indicates hunger; and "Mamamama" is multipurpose.

So we're progressing well at learning her language. She's also learning ours: "Let go," "Thank you," "Up," "More," "All done" and of course, "No." Just this past week she started imitating more deliberately things we said: "Hi, Grandma," became "Hi-ga"; "water," "ah-te"; and alas, DOB's standard sarcastic response "Whatever," became "wat-eh."

Now we've really got to watch what we say.

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