Thursday, August 26, 2004

Real Life Mysteries
Last night, while we were out running errands, someone left a bag of clothes on our front doorstep. Had these been a bag of baby clothes, I would not be particularly surprised. But these were a bag of women's clothes.

In the Sunday School stories, someone receives such a bag of clothes after praying for clothes they desparately need. But I don't need clothes. And if I did have to pray for clothes I do hope--with all due respect--that God would have better taste. These garments are not my color, not my style, and not really my size. (The term "my size" has a different amount of flex to it after pregnancy.) They would be better suited to someone three times my age.

Now that is a fair description of most of our neighbors. It may be possible that, in this neighborhood of somewhat similar houses, someone mistook the doorstep and I am holding the clothes that some lady down the street is wondering why her friend never dropped off. But if this is true, how do I find it out? It seems awkward to go door-to-door, holding up a bag and asking, "Excuse me, are these your clothes?" On the other hand, it would be just as awkward for them to go door-to-door asking if anyone has taken in a mysterious bag of clothes. Maybe I should just take them out and set them in the yard for all comers.


Anonymous said...

I think you should take the clothes and go door to door.

They may be very important to someone. It would be an opportunity to introduce yourself to your neighbors. This could be God's way of leading you to a beloved little old lady child of His who needs you.

Maybe the clothes ARE for you. Maybe they ARE from God, and maybe that IS "better taste" and your tastes in style and color could be better. And maybe you are GOING to need them, and that will be your size.

If God were going to choose clothes for you, would He choose them according to your taste, which is the fruit of a fallen nature? Or would He use His own judgment about what you look good in? Or would He not even care, like a Nerd?

If you found an envelope on your door with $100 in it would it be for you, even if you hadn't prayed for it? Or would you think it was intended for someone else and left on your door by mistake? How would you find out?

Congratulations on your marriage and baby. I've heard people here (in Washington) speak fondly of you. I think they miss you.

Queen of Carrots said...

Although no doubt everything has been corrupted by the fall, yet there remains much of value to be salvaged from the wreck. Among them is the human appreciation of beauty, which, although no doubt it remains far below that of God's, yet can be cultivated to line up more and more with the divine standard.

While I acknowledge that God's sense of beauty is infinitely superior to mine, and no doubt would not agree in all particulars, I do think I can say without undue presumption that mine is derivative of His, and that He does indeed care about beautiful things. God is not a nerd.

Of course, God might want me to wear ugly clothes to combat a problem with vanity, pride, or misplaced priorities. But that is not the same thing as thinking God would think them beautiful, or wouldn't care.