Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Inevitable Baby Post
Anytime you see a timestamp this late you can bet I'm up with D1. Tonight we were going to Get On Schedule and all go to bed on time. We did. D1 decided she didn't want to go to bed yet. So I'm out with her in exile, trying to get her to settle down while letting DOB get his sleep. Last night D1 went 5 hours straight--giving me the longest chunk of sleep I've had since she was born. But two good nights in a row is probably too much to ask for at this stage.

This afternoon we were over with DOB's family and one of the uncles was holding D1. She was defying all his attempts to get her to look him in the face. Finally as a last defiant gesture she flung her bib up over her face so that she couldn't see him.

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