Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Gender Conflicts
D1 has a few distinctly boyish outfits, picked up at garage sales before she was born or inherited from her uncles. (They're mostly in the size I expect her to outgrow any second now.) Today she was wearing one of them, a blue onesie with a little bear and fish on the front, when we headed out for a walk. Wanting to keep the sun out of her eyes, I decided to get her hat. It's shocking pink with a bow and lace trim. I think the pink won out.

Of course, that was just to make up for last Saturday, when she was wearing a pink onesie and a Milwaukee Brewers hat. (The kind that nachos come in. DOB discovered it was a perfect fit.)

Let's face it, we need a boy, too, to straighten this out.

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